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Drums Indian Mix

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New One Love Electro

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Bollywood Hip Hop

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Club Mix Jul 09

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French Phonecall

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New N Best 2009

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Sms Tone 2010

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New Serious Tone

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New Wasnt Me Indian

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Rap Electro 2010

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Trumpet Dance

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Club House 2008

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New Electro Sms Tone

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Electro Bartender

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Ace Of The Space Sms

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Scratch Beat

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New Mundiya Brkbeat

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Electro House 2009

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Best Club Mix August

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Guitar Sms

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New Nov Hit 2009

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May Sms Tone 2010

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I Gotta Feelin 2010

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Techno Tone 2010

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Techno Sms 2010