If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact ZEDGE and we'll try to resolve the issue.

Why has the app name changed?

ZEDGE Wallpapers is now called ZEDGE because it includes more than just wallpapers. We’ve added a new section called Premium. You can still get the same cool wallpapers you’re used to, but now in Premium you’ll see other types of content as well as wallpapers.

What is the difference between regular Zedge Wallpapers and Zedge Premium Wallpapers?

ZEDGE Premium is a new section where professional artists can offer their work, and earn money by doing so. All content in ZEDGE Premium (in addition to wallpapers, you’ll find cool new items such as customized T-Shirts, phone cases, 3D models and more) has been licensed to Zedge by the owners of the content.

Okay, Premium is different, what do I need to know?

Here’s how it works:

For more information on Zedge credits, please see the Terms of Service

How do I use a 3D model; what is AR?

AR stands for augmented reality and it’s FUN! Tap on an unlocked AR model (we give you some free to try it out), give permission for the app to use your camera, and you’ll be able to place and resize models in the scene in your camera’s view. You can take a picture and share it with friends.

How do I set a wallpaper on my iPhone?
  1. Go to SETTINGS on your device.
  2. Select BRIGHTNESS & WALLPAPER and then select WALLPAPER.
  3. Tap the ZEDGE ALBUM and select the wallpaper you want to set.
  4. Tap SET without moving or scaling the wallpaper. It's already optimized for your screen.
  5. Finally, choose which screen(s) the wallpaper should appear on.
Where did my wallpaper go?

Downloaded wallpapers from Zedge are stored in your PHOTOS app. They're found within ALBUMS as a separate album named ZEDGE.

How do I set a ringtone on my iPhone?

To set the saved ringtones you have to sync your device with the newest version of iTunes. Please open up the APP MENU and click on RINGTONE GUIDE for a step by step guideline. As soon as you complete the steps in the Ringtone Guide you will be able to access the Ringtones on your device.

To set a Ringtone go to SETTINGS > SOUNDS > RINGTONES > Select the Ringtone of your choice

Where did my ringtone go?

After you click on SAVE RINGTONE you have to sync your device with the newest version of iTunes. Open up the APP MENU and click on RINGTONE GUIDE and the tutorial will show you how to import the Ringtones to iTunes.

Why can't I download and set ringtones directly on my phone?

Apple has made this their industry standard and requires users to import third party ringtones through iTunes, unfortunately you have to use a computer when importing ringtones to iTunes and your device.

Why does Zedge want access to my Photos?

Zedge needs access to your photos in order save wallpapers to your photo album. Access is required by the phone’s operating system and it’s the only way to save wallpapers on your phone. Zedge will not delete, read or use your private photos. Millions of users can confirm that Zedge is a serious and trustworthy company. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

I can't download wallpapers because Zedge does not have access to the Photos app.

If you declined Zedge access to your Photos app, you will not be able to download wallpapers.

The operating system on your phone requires that you give Zedge access to Photos to save any wallpapers. Follow the steps shown below to enable photos access.

We do NOT read or use your photos. Zedge is trusted by millions of users and we would like to keep it that way.

To give Zedge access to Photos, go to SETTINGS on your device. Select PRIVACY and then PHOTOS. Turn the switch next to Zedge ON.

Read more about enabling photo access here.

The download button is disabled, so I can't download the wallpaper.

This means you have downloaded the wallpaper already! Look for the wallpaper in the ZEDGE album inside your PHOTOS app.

The wallpapers are downloaded to both the Camera Roll and the Zedge album. Why?

The CAMERA ROLL is a collection of all the pictures on your phone. The ZEDGE album collects all your Zedge wallpapers together for your convenience.

Why do I get some of the same content in Featured, Popular and Recent?

All three tabs are a mix of the high quality content on Zedge. Sometimes the new stuff is popular, and sometimes we feature content that is both new and popular.

Zedge has millions of wallpapers on the website, but I see a lot fewer in the app. Why?

We only show content matching your phone's capabilities and screen size. Quality is everything!

How do I upload my wallpapers to share with the millions of Zedge users?

Go to www.zedge.net/upload on your computer and register as a user. Follow the uploading instructions to share your wallpapers with millions of other Zedge users.

I just uploaded a wallpaper. Why doesn't it show up in the "Recent" tab?

Zedge works hard to filter and sort all of the content users upload to our servers. Zedge users upload thousands of wallpapers every day. This means that it might take some time before your wallpaper shows up in the RECENT tab.

Is there a Family Filter?

Zedge automatically filters out nudity and porn but some content may slip through. If you find a particular background objectionable, please let us know at support@zedge.net. Zedge is not intended for users under the age of 13.

The app can't connect to the internet, what do I do?

First, check your internet connection. Zedge must to be connected to the internet in order to work.

If you still have problems connecting, Zedge might have some problems contacting the servers. In that case, we are already working hard to fix the problem and hope that you are patient with us. Please try again later.

Why is the content loading so slowly?

The app loads data from the Zedge servers, so a fast data connection is recommended. The high resolution wallpapers, especially on retina screens, can be very large (10MB+) and may take a long time to load.

How can I do more specific searches?

Common search operators are supported. Here are some examples:

sun AND moon -or- +sun +moon
sun OR moon -or- (sun moon)
sun -moon

Wildcards (only at the end of terms):

Who uploaded it? (username search):

"square pattern"

Search title/tags only:

You can also combine any of these, such as "(sun OR moon) -tags:night"

Which Apple devices are supported?

Zedge supports the iPod Touch (Third Generation), iPhone 3GS, and above.

Why does the App download a Zedge wallpaper the first time it runs?

The first automatic download creates the ZEDGE ALBUM, where all your Zedge wallpapers are collected. Hopefully you'll think it is a nice wallpaper too. ;-)