Thanks for uploading your creations to Zedge.

Here are a few simple rules to ensure your content is seen by other Zedgers.



By uploading to Zedge, you agree to our terms of service and that you own the intellectual rights to the item you publish. Don’t upload content that belongs to someone else.

No nudity

Sexually Explicit

Simple. All pornographic images will be unpublished. Images with a pornographic look, full frontal nudity, topless, sexual acts, provocative poses, strategically covered nudity and see-through underwear will also be removed. The same rules apply to graphic/cartoon images.

No selfies


Avoid uploading images that are stretched, blurry or badly cropped, or ringtones and notifications that are of poor sound quality. Images that are not of public interest, such as photos of family or friends, pictures of others without consent, selfies etc., are considered poor quality and will be removed.

No violence

Offensive or Illegal

Zedge has zero tolerance for the uploading of images and sounds that are aimed to provoke with negative intentions. This includes potentially offensive text, violence, hateful or harmful scenes, sexual exploitation and all illegal content. Content containing guns or drugs will be reviewed and may be subject to removal. Uploads of people who appear under the age of 18 years old will be removed.

Upload information

Upload Information

Selecting accurate titles, tags, categories and descriptions for your uploads makes it easier for your content to be found by others. Don’t try to promote a company or other services in the upload description.

How to report content

How to report content

If you find a suspected copyright infringement you can make a DMCA claim. If you find content that offends you, you can report it within the app.

Happy Zedging!