SiteGuards teamCleaning out bad content

The "SiteGuard" team was created in spring 2008 to battle an increasing problem with unwanted content on Zedge. Since then, over 1000 Zedgers have volunteered to be Zedge SiteGuards.

Climb the ranks to
become "Executive SiteGuard"
What are the duties of a SiteGuard?

A SiteGuard finds and reports bad content on Zedge. Removing unwanted content is necessary to run a site like Zedge, and SG's are the experts on this matter. Because of the importance of this community task, SGs will earn respect in the Zedge Community.

Once you've become an SG, we will show you everything you need to know about the job. We will also give you access to the SG tools you need to execute your tasks.

How much work is it?

You decide for yourself how much work you'd like to put into the SiteGuard job. You can be an SG on different levels. If you aim for the top ranks you should expect to put a lot of effort into it. If your ambitions are not quite that high, you can relax a bit more. Be careful about relaxing too much though, as many Zedgers are eager to replace a lazy SiteGuard.

What determines my SG rank?

There are 5 ranks for SiteGuards. Your SG rank will be determined by your reporting frequency (how often you report content) and accuracy (how accurate your reporting is). These are the SG ranks:

#1 : Executive SiteGuard
The absolute elite of SGs. Tons of experience.

#2 : Guru SiteGuard
A wise and experienced SG. Almost top-notch.

#3 : Rocking SiteGuard
A rising SG showing lots of potential.

#4 : SiteGuard
Made it through trials. Bedrocks of the SG team.

#5 : Prospect SiteGuard
On trial while undergoing SG training.

Why be a SiteGuard?

Because it's important! SiteGuards really help make a better Zedge.

If you qualify, click the orange "Apply" button in the right column.
The Zedge community thanks you!


Here are the minimum qualifications required to be a SiteGuard:

  • You must be "Dedicated Zedger" or higher.
  • You must have been a Zedger for more than 3 months.

In addition to these requirements, the following things also count to determine if you can be a SiteGuard:

  • The quality of your profile
  • Your behavioral history on Zedge

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