Moderators teamMaintains a respectful tone in the community

The "Moderator" team is a small group of highly experienced Zedgers whose job is to make sure Zedgers "play nice" and keep the tone on Zedge respectful and pleasant.

One of the hardest badges to earn as a Zedger
What does a Moderator do?

A Moderators job is to enforce a set of community rules defining how Zedgers should interact and communicate with each other. Moderators are empowered with the skills and the tools to ensure that a few rotten apples don't destroy the respectful and loving feeling we strive for at Zedge. The work of a moderator is truly necessary to keep a vibrant community on Zedge.

Can I earn the Moderator badge?

Being a Moderator comes with responsibility and takes a lot of dedication. Moderators are appointed with careful consideration by the Zedge admins. When we need a new Moderator, here is what we look for:

  • Zedgers showing a strong knowledge of the Zedge community guidelines.
  • Zedgers with a proven will and ability to help and direct fellow community members.
  • Zedgers who have participated actively in the Zedge Forums.

The fact that you cannot apply to be a Moderator, makes the Moderator badge one of the hardest to earn as a Zedger.

Meet the Moderators

Meet the Zedge Moderators. Lots of Zedge experience here!