Zedge TeamsCreating a better Zedge

At the core of the Zedge community you'll find some exceptional Zedgers who makes an extra effort to create a better Zedge. They are members of a "Zedge team."

What is a Zedge team?

A Zedge team is a group of dedicated Zedgers organized to run a specific function on Zedge. Every team has a stated mission (e.g. keep the site clean from unwanted content), and everyone in the team collaborates with tools and expertise to achieve that mission.

There are currently 2 organized teams:

Maintains a respectful tone in the community. Lots of experience here.
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Cleans out bad content. An important job on Zedge.
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Can I join a Zedge team?

Every team has their own entry qualifications. Some are easy to get into, while some are harder. Go check with a team to find out if you can join. The Zedge community thanks you for your dedication and skills.