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21.02.08, 07:44

Nokia N96 16GB CONFIRMED (plus more...)

great phone. but i like the looks of my N95 8GB more. the buttons beneath the screen look squashed together and might be difficult to press, same as the N81.

13.11.07, 21:09

how do i get a ribbon?

Ive noticed that certain wallpapers, videos and themes have golden or silver ribbons on the public gallery page. how are items rated in order to get a ribbon?

25.10.07, 14:46

Is your device not supported? Post here!

when will the nokia N81 (regular and 8 GB) be supported??

21.10.07, 11:06

Worst movie ever seen ?

the worst movie has to Failure to launch. Sarah Jessica Parker looks 40 but sounds like a 22 year old. the movie was made for women who needed an excuse to see mathew mconaughey shirtless after every 10 minutes. i didnt finish it.

other worse movies that ive seen:
aeon flux
spiderman 3 (most cliched movie)
date movie
epic movie
scary movie 4
Troy (too much brad pitt)

05.07.06, 13:24

wats ur dream sports car??????

Ferrari Enzo
mercedes mclaren SLR
bugatti veyron
lamborghini lp640 (hope they make a roadster of it)
Pagani Zonda F
koenigsegg CCX
Maserati MC12