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United States
North Carolina
16 September, 2012

Im a kind and caring, sweet and sassy, and a b***h when necessary and i dont have time for b******t:-) i love my family, friends and my pets :-) im a Certified Riding Instructor and Horse Trainer with 28 years experience with horses i started riding when i was 3 years old and started competing when i was 5. ive done rodeos all over the US and i also did hunter/jumper, and dressage. unfortunately i had a terrible accident that left me with a broken back at 19years old and caused me to miss my chance at being on the US Olympic Equestrian Team. i live my life without regrets and i never look back im proud of who i am. BTW im a great person and a great friend if you want more than that you are wasting my time and and yours.... on May 8 2013 i wrote this poem for mi lil boy who had a terrible accident when he pulled a dresser with a heavy tv on top of it on top of him he sustained 2 skull fractures 2 facial fractures and broken ribs and has been in the hospital since April 21, 2013 please pray we get to go home on his scheduled release date May 15, 2013

With God

When day turns to night
And night turns to day
When things get so bad
All you can do is pray
When you look up to the stars or heaven up above
When you are in Gods good graces you can truly feel his love
To know he walks beside you and if you ask he will hold your hand
If you turn around you can see both sets of footprints in the sand
I lost my faith once before but never will again
I learned the hard way all things are possible simply by believing in him
May God bless you each and everyone
I know he has blessed me because i still have my son
I cannot thank him enough each and everyday
But in my heart for eternity is where he will always stay

Favorite activities

Spend time with my son and our pets we have several dogs,a cat, a rooster, and a horse

Favorite music

A lil bit of everything

Favorite movies

Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken, Reign of Fire, and lots of others

Favorite books

Romance, mystery, crime novels and true stories


People that cant mind their own business


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ZTE Warp

ZTE Warp

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