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28.08.07, 09:26

Mobile survey (take 5 minutes to help me

1: How old are you? 30

2: Which country do you come from? UK

3: How many mobiles have you had? Not sure, more than 10 though

4: Why do you change your mobile? (Design, functions, prices and so on) - They've either broken or I get bored with them

5: Have you have experienced water damage on your mobile? If yes how many times? - Not me personally, but I know loads of people who've dropped their phone down the toilet!

11.05.07, 07:34

Wallpapers breaking ToS

I have reported a lot of images already, thats why I wrote the first post as I was getting fed up reporting so much.

Having suicide/sellfharm images in your profile is completely different to having them in a public gallery.

10.05.07, 21:38

Wallpapers breaking ToS

I have noticed so many wallpapers that violate the terms of service. There are a few that are copyrighted by another website, but so many contain profanity, even more contain s******y explicit and n**e images and there are a lot of wallpapers with people self-harming or pretending to commit suicide. There are also a lot of images that are duplicated more than twice and so many that are in the wrong category.
Shouldnt someone check the images before they are added to the gallery?
It is really fustrating, I came here to look for wallpapers for my phone, not to look at pics of people selfharming and pretending to commit suicide, if I want to look at those type of images, there are plenty of websites for just that. Glorifying suicide and selfharm is wrong. It makes it harder for the people who have problems with selfharm and thoughts of suicide to get help. Everyone thinks they are doing because its the lastest cool thing or they are just being "emo", not because they have serious problems.
The adult images and language dont bother me, but it would be nice if they was in their own category so you could choose not to look at them.