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10.05.10, 18:49

Best theme maker sites

I believe it is
ZEDGE coz it rocks & possesses such a big space for meeting folks, negotiating & impressing!

14.09.09, 13:29

How To Make Screenshots

Hey iknazer95!
Well, unfortunately you can't coz we make themes via a special theme maker tool freely downloaded from

After you subscribe of course. With this tool you?ll be able to change the menu icons, etc. First you gotta sign up, then you log in, write theme maker in the research box, press Ok or search, later you?ll see lots of theme makers and you should select downloading the one that takes into consideration your theme?s size. After downloading it, you install it, then register it so that it would work forever coz if you don?t register (it?s free) your tool will work just for 15 days.
So long & if you need anything else just ask me in my page.

07.09.09, 14:27

How To Make Screenshots

when you make themes,
first screen should be idle screen,
second screen should be menu screen shot,
on your keypad should be a button with prnt scrn written on it.
press this button and then go to PAINT and no need to possess Adobe

then click ctrl+v together or go to edition and press paste (coller en fran├žais).
screen shot should appear,
just cut the screen shot by PAINT TOOLS there,
then cut it and paste it in a new blank file or paper
then save it under the extention JPG
Later go to WINDOWS OFFICE PICTURE MANAGER and change its size into width 240 / height 320 / and save it

screen shot should always be 50kb and under

23.10.07, 13:53

Thanks aanu77 BUT from where?

Could u please tell me from where or which website!

23.10.07, 13:45

Does NOKIA 5300 need Anti-virus

Help meeeeeeeeeeeee pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!

06.10.07, 14:48

background of all themes won't appear!!!

I've downloaded a lot of thems but when I open them in my 3220, their backgrounds don't appear.....I see just those louzy colours without being able to see the real background like in the case of Grey's anatomy's theme, the background is supposed to be a picture of the actors, but I find just a grey background......................Please help me! this was Walidness from Algeria.