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19.03.09, 06:48

a song in your language!

Quote of user: Morbidette

A7la 7aga fiki.
I actually hate this song (Arabic music sucks!), but everyone around me is singing it!


13.11.08, 13:35

Need alternate player for 6300

[quote="shaileshrkr"]Hi friends i use 6300 with 1 GB memory card. So, i have more than 250 songs in it. every time i have to select a song i have to go from 1 to ......
also the name of the songs starts with track1, track2 etc..(no proper name)

so can u people help me and tell me some other player or application so that i can get rid of this problem.
any suggessions will help. thank you people.

13.11.08, 13:33

Need alternate player for 6300

Quote of user: mo7amedsabry

try music strands player from