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27.02.13, 18:44

Happy birthday Vivi!

Happy Birthday!
I wish you all the best

25.02.13, 15:07

Cheers to Matias

Now you have to finish, you can´t let us down!

28.09.12, 09:02

General Chat- Part 3

Quote of user: ALI_AUS

zedge is changed alot, lots of topics were removed and if I create those topics again, someone remove those topics again. I know that that topic was only for fun but at that times there were lots of people online here at zedge and posting onto those topics but now there are very few people are here at zedge.

So what do you guys suggest we all should do to make it more fun here?

And for the Gangnam Style dance, I have suggested that the Zedge Admin Team can make a dancevideo to Gangnam Style. What do you guys think of that?

27.09.12, 15:33

General Chat- Part 3

I´m watching a football match

27.09.12, 08:26

General Chat- Part 3

Just dropping by
what are you guys are up to now days?

14.09.12, 11:01

General Chat- Part 3

Have a nice weekend guys!