2 April 2013, 02:05

Hi,now i am coming to meet u...
in the way of sun light...
in the way of sweet breeze...
in the way of good wishes...
just to say good morning...

9 April 2012, 03:51
Hello again. :-) Yes, that pic is really Laura. :-) I know yours is not really you. So you are from Malaysia then? That is very far from where I am.
9 April 2012, 02:27
Because I keep my friends list option locked until I know someone. I don't like to add people randomly here. :-) You are very welcome to visit anytime and if we speak and are friendly then I will be happy to add you.
6 April 2012, 11:31
Thanks for the visit. :-)
7 June 2011, 06:31
thanks for visit

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