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27.10.13, 14:57

Iphone 4g vs samsung galaxy SII

Quote of user: _Mystery_Girl_

the GS2 (galaxy s2 ) weighs 116 grams and the iphone4 137 grams
iphone 4 has a 3.5 inch screen and the GS2 has a 4.3 inch screen
both have 16/32 GB storage, but iphone 4 has 512 MB RAM and galaxy s2 has 1 GB RAM
iphone 4 has bleutooth v2.1and galaxy S2 has bleutooth v3.0
GS2 has USB on the GO and iPhone 4 Doesnt have that
iphone 4 has a 5Mp camera and the GS2 has a 8 MP camera
iphone 4 has video recording 720p@30fps and the galaxy s2 has 1080p@30fps video recording

iphone 4 runs on 1 GHz ARM processor and the Galaxy S2 runs on Dual-core 1.2GHz ARM processor
iphone 4 has a 1420 mAh battery and galaxy S2 has a 1650 mAh battery
and still after all these the Galaxy s2 is slightly cheaper than the iphone 4, i dont know the exact price in your region though

so in my opinion THe Galaxy s2 is Better then iPhone 4

yes GS2 is much better

27.10.13, 14:51

best Android phones?

Quote of user: lyso75

Which android phone is currently d best of all?

micromax a110