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27.12.10, 14:20

Avatar not shown in Android-App

Quote of user: midnightflash

Hi there,
do you have to activate something special in the account-settings to get the avatar also shown up within the Andoid-App besides your up/downloads?



Avatars should appear automatically in the Android app. Could you give me an example where it doesn't? I need to know which phone and how you navigate in the app to reach the item preview screen.

- Stig

02.12.10, 06:10

Android vs Zedge default

Do you recognize which one shows up when you open the ringtone chooser from somewhere?
Anyway, if you can't figure out which one to clear, there's an app in Market called "ClearDefault" that you can use to reset everything.

01.12.10, 10:49

Android vs Zedge default

Quote of user: tederw

So now can you maybe tell me why the Zedge ring tone only shows up in the main ring tone menu but does not also appear in the Notification ring tone menu etc even though I did set it up for there from the Zedge app or is that just the way Zedge works?

It should appear for both ringtones and notification sounds. Which app is this? Are you getting the system default one instead?

Quote of user: tederw

Do you ever use the Zedge Code method and does that have any advantage other than ease? (I think that the Zedge Code should also be available in the app because it can be harder locating the item you want from there.)

We don't currently support zcodes on android. You don't really need it, just log into your zedge account on android, then your web favorites are synced automatically. Much easier IMHO.

01.12.10, 10:40

Android vs Zedge default

Quote of user: atreyu97

Hey stigsb,

I followed your instructions to the tee but i still cant clear my defaults. When i followed your instructions and i went to andriod system. The clear default is a dark grey and it wont let me hit the button and to the left of the button its says No Defaults set.

I still cant get the option to choose ringtones from zedge or andriod. I have a MyTouch Slide. Thank you.


That most likely means you have set another app as the default handler for setting ringtones. Just repeat the same procedure for that app (clearing its defaults).

30.11.10, 08:46

Android vs Zedge default

Just as you can reset the defaults for an app, you can reset the defaults for "Android System".

1. Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications.
2. Hit the "All" tab on newer Android versions, or hit Menu -> Filter and choose all on older phones.
3. Go to "Android System"
4. Scroll down and hit "Clear defaults"

Hope this helps,

29.12.09, 07:43

Zedge Android App launched

Quote of user: kilroyabhi

does it supports tattoo by htc as it screen is 2.8"

It supports all Android phones currently out there, including the HTC Tattoo.

- Stig

24.11.09, 16:56

Zedge Android App launched

Hello Zedgers!

We just released an update to the Zedge app to Android Market. This is mainly a bugfix release. Changes include:

* when setting a ringtone from the item detail screen, you can choose between setting ringtone or notification sound
* fixed a bug that could cause the app to "force close" when starting up
* now handles unstable network coverage better, especially when starting up the app

You will be prompted to install this upgrade when starting the app, please do. If you have problems, let us know. If you don't, leave five stars in Android Market! :-)

- Stig

26.10.09, 12:17

Zedge Android app closed beta

This fall the Zedge team has been hard at work building a Zedge application for Android phones. This app lets you browse ringtones and wallpapers (for now) and easily set wallpapers, ringtones, sms tones, a special tone for your mom, and so on. All nicely integrated on your phone.

We're preparing for our public launch, and as part of this we need some beta testers for the initial closed beta. If you have an Android phone and want to participate in the test, please send me a PM. Testers who provide feedback will receive a nice (and unique) badge!

For the Zedge team,