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05.08.12, 04:59

Who's your favorite female singer?

Celine Dion and Alicia Keys

25.01.11, 02:16

Your Favourite TV Show Ever!!


25.01.11, 02:13

The Stones or The Beatles?

I personally like the Beatles. I play Beatles rock band all the time.

11.01.11, 23:50

What Are You Listening to????

I've been listening to Glee.

31.12.09, 01:45

Introduce Yourselves Here

Well, this is my first time in here. I really do not know how this works, so here goes nothing.

31.12.09, 01:43

milk or beer...?

milk but i like energy drinks too

31.12.09, 01:20

What are You listening 2 right now?..

Im listening to the Beatles