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27.06.13, 04:26

First thing you see when you wake up

Mobile.. To check the time and msgs as well

08.09.11, 14:16

Happy birthday priya

wish u many many happy returns


02.05.11, 11:38

how to add new features to my profile???

how to add new features to my profile like visitor counter,clock,calender....

03.11.10, 09:49

how to accept the group request

i couldnt accept my group member request..i accept the request but still request is in pending

03.11.10, 07:49

items not exists

ok.. thank you....

03.11.10, 07:02

items not exists

those items did not exist under a particular topic too...but it exist in my stuffs public gallery...

02.11.10, 16:41

items not exists

some of my uploads are disappeared while iam login through mobile but while through pc it exists in public gallery..what is the reason..can u help me here

16.10.10, 10:16

how to accept the group request

i have received a group request and i have given accept but that zedger didnt add in my group...can u help me