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21.11.12, 22:10

Zedge Z4 Bug Report

Quote of user: Abhaykhr

Quote of user: mirouevo

I can't change my avatar, do you have an idea?
thank you

Please describe in detail so we can help you.
what you are having problems with?
Where are you trying to change your avatar (mobile or web)?
Do you receive any error messages, or what doesn't work?
Which browser(s) have you tried?

Here is some suggestions:
1. Try again after clearing your browser cache.
2. You may try using a different browser to do it.
3. The picture must be minimum 192x192 pixels.

ahh thank you, now it's working, I don't know why I coudn't change my avatar using the full web site, when I click on "upload a picture from your computer" nothing happened, I'm using mozila, I also tried with chrom: same thing, may be something wrong with my java machine, now it's ok, thank you

20.11.12, 18:59

Zedge Z4 Bug Report

I can't change my avatar, do you have an idea?
thank you

12.11.12, 09:17

does soul mate truelly exist??????????

I think that it exists, it doesn't mean you wont be hurt, this is life and we are different, we are happy to be together and some days we are sad, some days there's problems, we just have to manage it and to not let problems grow

09.01.12, 21:33

Happy or Disappointed ????

thank's god, I'm happy, when you accpet the reality you will be happy (I don't mean that you don't have to mage changes)

05.01.12, 21:57

What is your favourite sport?

bike, mountain descent