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09.09.09, 12:29

Help needed with 5320 themes

Same problem,phone not supported
You could check it out yourself and tell me the way ou

08.09.09, 17:03

Help needed with 5320 themes

Hi,i noticed that the theme maker doesn't support my phone Nokia 5320 Xpress Music
is there another phone that i could use as a template?
I tried the 5310 but the outcome was a .nth file and 5320 only supports .sis files
PLease Help me out!!!

08.09.09, 16:10

nokia 5310 themes

i tried downloading 5300 themes for my phone,but the extention is different....any ideas of how to convert these extensions?
P.S>>My phone is 5320 XpressMusic

07.09.09, 21:27

breaking benjamin or B4MV??

Breaking Benjamin hands down!!!