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13 May, 2009

I'd love to hear from you.. <3
(but PLEASE, if you want to talk to me, make sure you have the patience as I also have a life other than Zedge-ing. )

*****I apologize to those I weren't able to reply to..I've been busy lately and could not answer to all the messages for they get too many at times..I hope you understand..*****

****I often accept random friend requests so just go ahead and add me don't need to ask before you do..okay? thanks..****

***And PLEASE don't send me multiple messages containing the same is enough..or if you must send more than one, the maximum is two..i'm not d**b, okay?? i get your point! ***

**Oh, and if you ever ask for my yahoo id, don't even think about it. **

To the non-Christians who have read or are still reading my profile:

I apologize if you think this is all nonsense..
at the same time, I know I'm not supposed to apologize..

But here's what I'll tell you:


a God beyond compare..

I'm telling you, you are missing out on this amazing feeling of being wrapped around His love..

The end of the world is nothing for us to worry about..
nor is it something for us to fear;
It may come next year, next week, tomorrow, or even today..

Why are there predictions?
Predictions are merely warnings sent to the world by the Father,
that at any time and place, He may come to judge the living and the dead..

He just isn't doing it yet to give His people more time to repent..

If Judgement Day is a step closer to meeting the Father in heaven,
what's there to worry about?

‎"From that time on Jesus began to preach, 'Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.'" ~Matthew 4:17

I'm in love with someone I don't know..
..whose name I never spoke;
..whose eyes I never stared at;
..whose touch I never felt;
..whose hand I never held;
..whose tears I never wiped away;
..whose hug I never endured;
..whose lips I never kissed;
..whose kiss I never felt;
..whose heart I never knew....

**True love waits**

One day, I'll know him..
..I'll speak his name;
..I'll stare deep into his eyes;
..I'll feel his soft touch;
..I'll hold his delicate hand;
..I'll wipe away his tears and make sure there won't be any more tears to wipe;
..I'll feel the hug of a true lover;
..I'll kiss the lying lips of an imperfect person;
..I'll treasure the moment I feel his breath-taking kiss;

..and I'll know the heart of a great creation...

Favorite activities

Basketball, volleyball, table tennis billiards, badminton, etc... and also, strumming my guitar and compiling & composing song lyrics..

Favorite music

I love music...I like anything but heavy metal....

Favorite movies

I don't watch that much....

Favorite TV-shows

I'd watch anything that would interest me...

Favorite books

The Holy Bible...

Favorite games

I'd play anything I can...




I hate disrespectful people and I hate it when people mess wit my life and the things that make me who I am..


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Samsung I8260 Galaxy Core

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9 July 2013, 12:17
oo, nakapasa din sya

buti nmn at natupad pangarap nya

ikaw kamusta na
malapit ka na yata mag-graduate ah
konti nas lang..kayang-kaya mu na yan
19 June 2013, 07:08
29 April 2013, 12:39
pumasa sa dlsu si xzaira
29 April 2013, 12:37
kaya nga

di baleng gumastos ng pamasahe basta libre sa konsulta

san ka ngayon ? may intern ka uli?
16 April 2013, 11:20

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