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24.12.12, 05:49

How are you today?

filin preety bad..guy hurt me

16.12.12, 00:02

Introduce Yourselves Here

hy sasha here,actually its my first time too but thers alwas a first time hehe

Quote of user: twinklezz

Hey guys.. well actually this is my second name here in zedge.. ahm yea yea.. kinda old here but i dont really go to forums... actually i cant keep in touch in forums.. hiihii.. but i think i'll try..

yea yea.. for short im new.. lol.... want to make friends!!! any1 interested??

thanks.. love yah lots..

30.11.12, 14:35

The first thing you check on Zedge

meanin?what and who are referin to?

30.11.12, 13:44

The first thing you check on Zedge

as far as im cöncernd,i feel zedge should implement better platform in terms of text mesages,which are cursently via email..ths is time consuming futhermore options are very limited,in that,we cant share files,like videos,pcs,quotes etc.