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09.02.07, 21:37

Wallpaper category sorting

I am a little concerned when i was scrolling through the babes section and see pictures of children on it, i would prefer if those pictures were given their own category there isn't many but it is better to change it now. they are not p**********c or anything it is just that they shouldn't be in with s**y babes. thank you.

08.08.06, 16:26

Wallpaper category sorting

It does but they used to keep it seperate form the "all categories" section before

08.08.06, 15:48

Wallpaper category sorting

Hi ya, i was just wonder if you could hold off on putting pictures of babes and hunks categories on the all categories section since some people might get offended. Any one who wants to look at them will have to go in to the appropiate section. Thanks