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05.07.13, 05:42

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S 3

Quote of user: taheer11

i wanna stop s3 home screen wallpapers changing randomly, i just want to keep 1 wallpaper. any help ?

For this u will have to go to zedge settings on mobile and untick change randomly option and problem will be solved

19.02.12, 06:24

GSII OR Sensation XL

Thanks for ur suggestions... I will consider upon it.

18.02.12, 09:06

GSII OR Sensation XL

IS there any solid reason for this????????????????

17.02.12, 07:52

GSII OR Sensation XL

Guys need to buy either of the two....if someone has one please do suggest which one should be taken and why??
It will be an act of kindness....

10.08.10, 08:02

Football,,,Cricket or Basketball?

I think the most watched game of the above mentioned is football.
Tell me about ur ideas and views.

09.08.10, 13:33

C.Ronaldo or L.Messi

What i think is that both are best in their own abilities.
IF we see some highlights,their remains no difficulty to find the truth.