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11 November, 2007

I'm very very very very very very short tempered boy (i hope U get Wht i mean) n emotional too.I'm c0ol in attitUde n h**t in personality ,simple,funny,naughty,kido,ambitious,romantic,choco pie,down to earth,honest,candy guy n superb chef....Who fears nothing......i was champ in inglish..ooopps !!! English ....But only till 1st class........I'm gud fr gud....a Real time devil fr the devils .I love babies sooo muchhh that after marriage i plan to make a hockey team .I follow no rulz, I am not here to make or break them But i just feel there r no underlined rulz to be followed..!!.I hate money minded people.I strongly believe in love....But i feel love for a person never kills,possesivness kills......Love to make new friends and to preserve them. Always look for an opportunity to make others laugh. People often call me a Clown. "By blood a prince, in heart a Clown".wen wealth in the house increases,wen water fills a boat...throw them out with both hands........i also wana do dis....But....neither i have so much wealth nor do have a boat.

I am a man .... if you ask God
I am a miracle .... if you ask a thinker
I am a s****e of the master artist .... if you ask a painter
I am not alone .... if you ask my shadow
I am imprisoned .... if you ask my religion
I dont exist .... if you ask a philosopher
I am a wave .... if you ask a physician
A person having so many guts..

I DREAM what I want 2 DREAM.
I GO where I want 2 GO.
I AM what I want 2 BE.
Because i have only ONE LIFE to live and ONE CHANCE to do all the things I want to!

• I am wat i am,take it or leave it.
• Dont Need ur attitude i got my.....own.
•Never search ur happiness in others,it will make u feel it in ur self,u will never feel alone....!!!

I don't have "Attitude Problem"

I have the "Attitude"
You Have the "Problem"

GuRinDeR GrEwaL......MuSt DiE In LoVe

Gun And Gutts Made For Jatt's

Jatt Ministry

HR26k5607 HR 26 k 5607

Favorite activities

Dancing,Gyming,Listening Music,Singing,Doing Mimicry,sleeping during day n partying during night

Favorite music

Blues, Rock n Old Songs(hindi).......Surjit Bindrakhia's Songs

Favorite movies

I am a movie lots to fill in tis column......few of dem -300,Rambo,X-men,Home Alone,Titanic,Troy n scray movies

Favorite books

Yawwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!....Not Meant For Gurinder.....


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    Chemchef - 19 November, 2014 02:51
    Am I not pretty enough for Filipinos? :(
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    talhasethi - 18 August, 2013 19:33
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    Th3_HiJackEr - 15 May, 2013 12:19
    U don’t have to like me after all,I m not a Fb status
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    PJSR69 - 19 January, 2013 14:47
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    Tinasmart23 - 30 November, 2011 05:30
    Kya rang layi meri dua na jane yeh ishq kaise huya
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    tfq_lnly - 21 July, 2011 16:31
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    abhishekdutta7 - 1 December, 2010 05:50
    Life is a gift of God-enjoy it
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