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05.10.09, 15:50

The first thing you check on Zedge

My Stuff to see how much they have been downloaded

03.10.09, 03:02

Whats your phone wallpaper

Eragon and his Dragon Saphire

03.10.09, 02:58

LG Cookie manual - please !!!

Our friend femme_fetaLe is correct. There's no way to change the theme on LG Cookie, only the Wallpaper. In this case, 2 wallpapers, one for Widgets screen and other to Speed Dial screen.
The theme I refeer is to change color and appearence of the menu.

03.10.09, 02:49

message tone on LG Cookie

Unfortunetely this is a "fail" to our, almost, perfect phone. The SMS tone is only 9 sec long.

03.10.09, 02:44

LG secret code

In Brazil, for LG KP570 Cookie, is 1809#*570#

03.10.09, 02:40

The meaning of life?

I know that the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is 42, but from ther to the Meaning of Life, it's complicated.
Maybe the Meaning of Life is to Live.

21.04.08, 21:56

Zedge 3.0 Feedback

A little more complicated than the old version, but much more beautiful. With time we used to this new interface.