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23 March, 2008


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    Monkey_D_Goku - 28 December, 2013 19:44
    Anime is Best in The World And the Beast Wwe Brock Lesnar.
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    A1903 - 20 July, 2013 14:57
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    venu_ - 28 June, 2013 13:30
    "learn to enjoy the pain , u will never be sad "
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    Kingucica - 12 March, 2013 12:34
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    Claire_Sparks - 3 March, 2013 12:14
    Don't blame the gamer, blame the game
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    braveheart1988 - 22 January, 2013 16:50
    good enough to still a human
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    aanuproy - 18 January, 2013 22:04
    Nothing ...Be yourself
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    Carl_NaS - 24 December, 2012 14:01
    I am not the person expected to be anymore
3 March 2013, 12:16
21 June 2012, 19:15
huge mistake, meant Inna not Nina hahahahahaha
20 June 2012, 23:05
Hello Hello Princess N
what a cute surprise

You haven't heard about me in a while? hahaha you must be kidding
Everybody is talking about your mommy Nat

I must say I'm extremely busy with my real life and well... I'm not Hanna Montana dear hahahaha, a double life has its disadvantages but hey you're a successful, smart and adorable collge girl, your future is so bright my love, you shall be the first girl on Mars, the first female president of Srbya, or you'll find out a cure for AIDS, who knows?

I'm just your cyber mommy and the proudest mommy ever btw, even I'm glad we're not genetically connected, 'cause I'm an evil person, a mean tigress with a h**t smile hahahaha

I'm just a pretty - not so little - liar
and you might not see me ever agian, but I'll occasionally take a look at this place (if I have time) and if I see a cute comment from you, I shall smile and hold my hands on my chest and I will reply

Now do me a favor and remember these words

Natasha Humphrey...

You were born because you're going to be someone important someday

Do not cry when the sun is gone, because the tears won't let you see the stars

Do not cry when the sun is up because Nina will get mad

If Cinderella could get her prince charming without taking her clothes off, then so can you.

Don't care about those who hate you, care about those who love you

You will always be my baby girl

And.... Rhinos are fat Unicorns .

Good by my love

XoXo your mommy "Shame on me, shame indeed" GC Spakrs
17 February 2012, 12:36
Hello my lil niece, it's your auntie saying hi to you
just came to say i miss you!
hope your good

28 January 2012, 18:36
Hello Hello Princess N

Yeah, I'm so sorry, my bad

I don't have an excuse, just I thought I would have time for zedge, but after few days I kinda forgot about this site, I'm so sorry

let me know how mad are you right now, will you?

XoXo "your mommy (shame on me) GC Sparks"

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