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28.11.11, 19:51

What would you change on Zedge

I would like for the website and the mobile app to be connected. so that when i download ringtones and such or favorite them it will be saved to my account. I recently wiped my phone and because the sd card was wiped as well i can't get my ringtones back and it would have been nice if they were backed up on the site and i could reload to my phone that way.

One more thing I would like to see, is a way to download from the site directly to phone other than going to the site on my phone and typing in the zcode. Takes too long, I want a way I can scan from the mobile app or something of that sort and get it to come up on the mobile app.
Thanks again!

15.02.11, 21:39

What would you change on Zedge

I would like to have my mobile app content connected to my online account so for example if I save a favorite ringtone on my online account I can look in my favorites on my mobile zedge app and download it on my phone that way. Or if I somehow lost all my ringtones I could download them again if they were saved to the website.
Also I would like to see themes for android phones as well as live wallpapers.