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11.01.10, 02:29

Which Android based phone do you have?

i have the tmobile G1... or also known as the htc dream... currently i am running a hacked ROM (cyanogen v4.2.12.2) which is basically a user created eclair based hero-type ROM. im also running dark dream v1.8.2 on top of the cyanogen ROM. So basically even though the firmware version is 1.6 (donut) its got all of the stuff from eclair so my phone is basically 2.0 or 2.1 <rant>but better because unlike google cyanogen updates his ROM weekly to a new version.... most stock android phones have been running 1.6 donut since september and i personally i dont think the phone companies are going to send any over the air updates any time soon because the phone companies would rather entice people to buy a new phone with the shiny new OS then to give good customer service and just send an OTA.... ive been on 2.0 since before verizon's droid came out..... with tmobile service.... </rant> the nexus one is gonna kick arse.... but for those of use who dont have the nexus one... or maybe the droid eris(big maybe) a hacked ROM is the way to go... just saying...