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01.07.13, 15:25

happy birthday sonia

Happy Birthday To You

21.08.11, 22:32

What would you change on Zedge

1. For start i would like to say that zedge need something for detect that people that use fakes proxies and make constantly fakes accounts, is so annoying when someone which you had problems with do that with the only purpose than harras and annoy others of the result of whatever problem they cant overcome. It cause people want delete their accounts and make this site an unconfortable one

2. Instead of the "hidden identity" zedge can make something that you can choose what you want others see of your profile like your name,avatar and basic information ab0ut you that you want share with others.

Thanks for the opportunity

18.08.11, 17:55

Happy Birthday Rami!!!

Have a great birthday_BIGFIG_

29.07.11, 21:55

Pray For Our Fenix

my prayers are with you Basia,hope you get well soon

14.05.11, 16:06

Happy Birthday Goran (Sxi1Serb)

Happy Birthday Goran (S******b)