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6 November, 2011


your stay with me more then 3 years . . you don't know what is me really .i really shame for this... i did't scold you bcoz that was misunderstanding .
here ill explain
1 Relationship with other girls
- you know my face how become now and before your friends giving good feedback on me to you.
-you did't seen me with other girls.b coz i never ever do relationship with other girls . when we will meet
-other f*****g thing is im most selfish man you as well how my money spend . i did not single rupe to my own sis.
- you know where im spend only for movies movies and movies it's my drug you know that
-if you really see me with other girls that moment you only pick my collar ask me.
-it's trustfulness word whom will tell you .if i really i have girl friend why i put your id in my face book page as like my wife and lover and all
- what every whom words you listen i don't mind and i don't care

2 email id's

your showing 1 months back email id's and asking whom they are.
what i say f**k . . . ha . .if i really want them how many times search for them. and how many times search for you. and one more thing that email id was not my girl friends. they are sameer friend taj's girls friends id's he searched when iam using net in my shop. they are just inter girls. do you know na what is my age . and if i search are add friend in online i want make bad Relationship with them na ha.. how many friend you have did i ask you that was trust . that will come only true love. and i have more then 100 friend in face book . i really don't know about all . don't take f*****g logic's forum others. if i search for other email id's it' was just damnn f**k na .. . .

3rd one i am smoker and drinker

it was very most f*****g jock heated . i love smoking models pix ask to raj i using that kind of pix last 10 years. even i don't know prices of cigarettes. i know only 6 rups one coz i will pay every time whem with some one. i think you know him very well. and tell me whom will give f*****g certification to you on me. is they have grate qualification ha some one every day going prostitutes home and some X***X and other one X******X ha.whom they will give me na feed back ha . you will don't know na if drink and smoke do you know i will diet one year for hepatitis b
if im really smoker or drinker i will die that time only . i feel scare if i got fever all night i pick your hand as like my mom hand. you also know that.
if my words was you don't trust just pay 100 rs any doctor he will say im drinker and smoker. im ready for any medical tests in any time .. don't send me this kind of 3rd party people . .. i will proof what iam in medical tests

4th one was
don't cut your hand all time at least one time you will think before why it's happening or happened as like really loved one . one thing you look back one think which time we will did nt fight are argue . i have lot of chances to brake up with you but i choice you and your love and that's it i did nt expiating anything from you. im saying this all only for just know why we brake up. WHAT IS MISS UNDERSTAND WITH US. and one thing i have to say all the time to you if search for my bad in my life every thing you got only bad if you search for good thing every thing you got only good ...

may be iam saying this all was nonsense you think or why you did not say about this at that day means arrangement's happening day..

my answer was only one thing you are my lover last 3 years and your engaged with me for last 4 months. you can feel that and you will know that . with out my words don't think rudely and foolish . we did not get any thing till we die we just give lot of tears to our parents and making fun to around all whom will looking us. madly enjoying

Favorite activities

Reading books,learning new things,trying for perfection in every work,listening music,cooking ,gym,pix designing ,browsing net,watching movies

Favorite music

Old melodies,romantic,paramore ,swift bryan adams ,bonjovi ,rihana,ar rehman,justin timberlake,king of pop

Favorite movies

Comedy ,romantic ,historycal wars& science fiction movies .especially shanker movies

Favorite TV-shows

Only news and music some times national geographic too

Favorite books

A tale of two cities,the sky is feeling,3 mistakes of my life,love story by erich segal.and psychology books

Favorite games

Shuttle ,chess,20-20 cricket ,nfs...


Wasting my time for others,whoz touch my ego,& break my feelings.i never forgive and forget just waiting for nice time 4 revenge.whoz try to judge me


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    SpArK_KiNG_ - 3 October, 2014 14:54
    More than love, we all need free WiFi in the air
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    _SK_SHABEENA_ - 15 June, 2014 05:07
    chooo happy
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    SupeR__Soul - 24 May, 2014 11:53
    রাত্রির আঙ্গিনায় যদি খোলা জানালায় একবার যদি সে দাড়ায়...
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    hasenchat - 20 May, 2014 01:41
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    Aarav__ - 3 May, 2014 10:35
    Yo Yo Honey Singh.....!!!
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    _ola_char_ - 7 March, 2014 06:18
    won't be here much anymore from next week, take care!
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    Mr_Eddi - 7 March, 2014 04:07
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    TazoHori - 16 October, 2013 04:33

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