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15.07.12, 06:34

Happy Birthday Shruti

Count your life by smiles not with tears,
Count your age by strength of dreams not years,

Let your eyes shine with the glitz of future,
Live your life with pleasure not with fears,

Sooner or later Life is going to be better,
And the dark shadows will then be traitor,

May optimism and bliss abide with you for always,
Stay Blessed and cherish your life that's in my prayers..


13.07.12, 21:51

Happy Birthday Lucy

happy Bday Lucy (:
wish all ur wish come ture
tc & have a happy day (:

26.10.11, 13:36

Happy birthday Mudassir

Happy Birthday to u
& all ur wishes come true bro & sorry for late wish u
here is ur gift

30.07.11, 07:03

Pray For Our Fenix

prays r with u
Wake up soon ur love ones is waiting for u my friend

06.11.10, 10:32

Happy Birthday Mariyam

Birthday to Mariyam

All the Best wishes
& where is my peace of cake

23.11.09, 04:58

How to upload [simple guide]

thank u

18.11.09, 22:39

How to upload [simple guide]

can i change the name of my uploads

30.10.09, 10:15

how can i make ringtones

on zedge
i make it a ringtone
but zedge send me a massages

Dear Member of the Zedge Community:

It has come to our attention that material you posted to the Zedge community may possibly be the intellectual property of others. In order to protect you and the Zedge community from any possible legal claims, Zedge has removed the ability to share the listed file(s) with the Zedge community. However, the file(s) can still be accessed by you in your private files folder.

Ringtone : Walwala Ho

Thank you!

The Zedge Team

what can i do

22.10.09, 10:17

how can i make ringtones

i try make ringtones
but i cant