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29.08.14, 21:49

Happy Birthday Irfan

Happy Birthday Irfan

04.06.14, 22:58

Happy Birthday Veer

happy Birthday

06.01.13, 06:39

Win iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

congratulations to both winners
excellent work

18.12.12, 20:19

Win iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

is a good opportunity to see the best creators
zedge thanks ...

08.08.12, 17:39

Zedge Official Contest: Zedgesummer

thank you very much .... Rock
had not read well what the contest.

08.08.12, 15:01

Zedge Official Contest: Zedgesummer

only with upload my wallpaper am participating?

27.07.12, 11:20

Zedge Item View Feedback & Bug Report

I like the new design
gives better view of the themes and is more comfortable for users.

27.07.12, 10:17

Animation problem need help

pass me the theme and icons to see what the problem
I think the problem is the creator of themes OwnSkin