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26.10.13, 03:17

Free Apps and Games!

We got it boss

21.09.12, 19:33

Your favourite movie of all time?

Ohh! James cameroon AVATAR! ilove jake?

21.09.12, 19:23

The End Of The World - 2012

Guys!!guys!! guys!! Listen n listen v carefully! If you want to know da future weather 2012 or 2030 going onwards please look at the bible n ull be surtisfied! Jesus diciples ask him that same question, they told him....."please tell us, how will these things be, n when will be the end of these system of things?" so they want jesus to tell them the exact year that the end will come but jesus told them that, that day nobody knows nor the angels nor the son(jesus himself) but only the father, thats GOD JEHOVAH. He is the only one who knows the exact date n year. Because it will come as athief says the bible. But wat we know accoding to the bible prophesy is that its near but not some form of the false calendar or some 2012.

21.09.12, 18:59

Whats your real name ?

Tejasvi? Wat does that mean?

16.09.12, 18:54

Whats your real name ?

Zablon onyango from kenya is here guys

16.09.12, 18:35

The End Of The World - 2012

The end of the world is real but in another way, its that not the real earth will end but those who did evil things will come to an end.
For example, in the bible, during noahs day the bible tells
us that the world of that day was
desroyed with water, so... What represent the world that was destroyed? Its just the people. So go and read proverbs 2:21-22

But it will not end in 2012, no, that day only GOD is the one who knows. It can hapen even now next year or 2 years coming. But what we knows is its near.