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14.02.12, 16:11

total downloads view

first thing my english is weak so try to undrstand.
2nd thing
i wan zedge team to add option in all profiles the total downloads of any user in his/her profile just like we can see uploads.

14.12.11, 11:37

Introducing the new Zedge

Quote of user: ksundnes

The themes are still here, but we don't show it in the menu if your phone does not support themes.

Like this:

ok thanks
thats y cant cant see theme coz i selected SGS2.
now i change to n96 and i get them back.

15.11.11, 16:19

Introducing the new Zedge

all themes are removed. now no more zedge. bye bye

14.07.11, 11:09

SMS - Counter

Quote of user: Black_Anubis

Does anybody know, if there's a free app for Nokia E90 Symbian S60 V3 to count how many sms i've sended?

buy any nokia s40 eddition. there is a n option which will show how many sms received and sent.

28.06.11, 10:28

themes deleted by team

friends you can check my themes i creat myself and theme quality is very good. i also give proper screenshot and tags. but they delete all my items.

28.06.11, 07:11

themes deleted by team

friends help. Every time i upload my themes at zedge they report or delete my items why they delete my own created data.

25.06.11, 11:41

animated wallpapers column

add an animated wallpapers column in this site

25.06.11, 11:37

How to upload [simple guide]

i ve uploaded many theme but they deleted all my theme. why , what is problem with zedge team.