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03.02.12, 04:27

Happy Birthday Sanni

Happy Bithday Sanni .....

Sorry I know I'm late but i hope its ok

22.12.11, 09:59

Happy Birthday Ibrahim :)


21.09.11, 03:36

Happy Birthday Abdou

Happy Brithday to ya

20.07.11, 03:33

Happy Birthday To My Sweet Friend __RoXx

May all your wishes come true

26.06.11, 11:09

Happy birthday Vania

Happy Brithday Vania my sweet friend.
May all your wishes come true.

God Bless You

11.06.11, 02:40

have a happy birthday moni

I hope you doing well and all your wishes come true

06.04.10, 13:27

Happy Birthday Osama :)

happy b-day to ya

09.01.10, 09:24

Happy Birthday *Rahul*

all the best wihes to you

02.01.10, 06:13

happy birthday niteshmistra

happy birthday to you