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Southsea, Portsmouth
23 March, 2010

I am no longer using Zedge. If you wish to follow my modelling page. Please do so at This is NOT my personal account. Its my business page. Pictures are protected by copyright law and you will be breaking the law if you download them or steal them!

Guys who message me or post on my guestbook I am not single or available so if you are looking to date me or have some sort of relationship with me I am happily MARRIED meaning I am UNAVAILABLE!

I am Gemma, and yes the profile picture is me I do not have any children yet, I keep getting asked this, there is a reason for this, its not your business so don't ask me about it please. I do vintage 1940's/50's pin up modelling professionally and I have been published a few times. I live in Southsea, Portsmouth, United Kingdom. I love the 1940's and 50's and I dress this way all the time.

I will NOT tolerate abuse of any kind on here. You do not know me you have no right to be abusive towards me in anyway. If I say no, I mean no. Do not send me se xual messages or ask about my s ex life not your business. I will block you if you do so.


Favorite activities

Reading, watching movies, long walks along the beach. Music, I often have my ipod earphones in my ears. Shopping, theatre, crafting.

Favorite music

I love all types of music, especially Coldplay, snow Patrol, The beatles, most 60's and 70's Rock. Bruno Mars, Jazz music, 1940's music.

Favorite movies

I adore old movies, any with Audrey Hepburn in. Twilight, Back to the future, all 80's movies. Harry Potter films. Transformers.

Favorite TV-shows

Star trek, Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG1. Buffy and Angel, Chuck, True Blood Glee, and Supernatural, Smash.

Favorite books

I love most books, but my favourites are Harry Potter books, Twilight books, Dark Materials Trilogy any by Debbie Macomber.


John Lennon, I have a cat named Lennon. Barack Obama for changing the U.S and being the first African American President in History and my dad.


Liars, perverts, and men that refuse to take no for an answer. Drunks, clubs, bars. Football.



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19 December 2013, 21:18
17 December 2013, 19:39

2 December 2013, 23:25
Ok......guess u wouldnt appreciate my company then...haha.. ...good u only have to put up with me in here!

Ummm..speaking of bananas, i think this is brilliant......

2 December 2013, 08:48
Not drinking? Whats wrong with u? ..just kidding...
I dont drink that much, just a beer once in a while. Well......when theres not a party i mean...

Have a thrilling Monday Gemma

2 December 2013, 01:10
Just passing by...Nice pro

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