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25.06.09, 19:04

your favourite game(s)

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

25.06.09, 19:00

what is your best time to hear music???

always in the night.

18.05.09, 19:07

Karate or martial artist

I Practice Karate Shorin Ryu.

05.04.09, 06:16

Hancock or Tropic Thunder

Hancock. A very entertaining film.

05.04.09, 06:11

Dead or Alive vs Tekken

Tekken. Its more realistic, in my opinion.

30.03.09, 23:18

Horror movies or Comedy??

Horror Movies. I think it dont have comparison with the comedy, the feelings are so different.

30.03.09, 23:07

Devil may cry 1,2,3 and 4

Devil May Cry 4. It has the best graphics, best characters and the story is outstanding. Besides Dante personality has changed and its more comprehensive than before.