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1 January, 2010


Force can make everything possible in the world, but it cannot create a single drop of Love in anybody's heart.. Life doesn't hurt until you think about how much things have changed, who you've lost along the way, and how much of it was your fault. I've learned that goodbyes will always hurts, pictures never replaces having been there, memories good or bad will bring tears,and words can never replace those feelings.

Im a lonely road of broken dreams
Its a boulevard that im searching
for These stars are all so dull
Its a moon that im searching for
Happiness is so angry at me
Its a life that im searching for
There is a crowd around me
all the time Its a friend that im
searching for My life is just like a
path Its a destination that im searching
for Dont know what it is that i hv lost
May be its me that im searching for...!

A girl n boy loves each other so much unfortunately girl died.
After some time her voice came from sky:

“Ek waada tha har waday kay pichay
tum milay ga har gali
har darwazay kay pichay
tum say piyar bhut kiya tha
par ek tu hi naa tha
meray janazay kay pichay”

Suddenly a voice came of her bf girl was shocked
He said:

“ek wada tha har waday kay pichay;
main millon ga tujhay har gali har darwazay kai pichay,
tum nay mur kar nahin daykha tha,
ek our janaza tha teray janazay kay pichay.”

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    mariela7787 - 13 September, 2014 16:12
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    __RaiN____ - 24 August, 2014 16:14
    Waiting for a miracle ..... (:
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    Janeia - 7 August, 2014 20:08
    Mai aur Tum
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    __Blessing__ - 29 July, 2014 19:24
    If u are afraid of being lonely, dont try to be right
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    Chika_Lokaa - 14 June, 2014 19:11
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    atomic_candy - 25 May, 2014 12:03
    woohoo Israel !! keep it up!! lets wipe em out!
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    Sapphire_ - 25 May, 2014 11:11
    ✰ Silent visits will be returned...SILENTLY!! ✰
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    Countess_Roses - 20 May, 2014 17:41
    Why do i miss you when you told me to go
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