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30.09.13, 00:14

Is your device not supported? Post here!

I'm using Motorola EX431G MotoGO I've seen EX430 but not EX431G MotoGO

25.09.13, 21:44

Your favourite iPhone games

Candy Crush Saga
Diamond Dash
Bejeweled Blitz
Solitaire Blitz

25.09.13, 21:14

Help with ringtones and text tones

when adding ringtones to your phone.
the added ringtones or text tones will be grouped up on top if you select ringtones. Anything you download will be filed in the ringtone folder.
Alert tones already come with the phone and nothing new will be filed there
. When selecting text tones to be played alert tones witll be filed on top, ringtones will be the second group.
You should be able to select the sound you want to play for text or notification. If I'm not mistaken it does not matter when you select the sound to be played you can select the ringtone that you downloaded.

25.09.13, 20:49

Downloaded ringtones aren't transferring

Have Itunes open, click file panel and select add file to library.

13.06.11, 18:24

Is your device not supported? Post here!

there is sony ericsson 300, when there is a letter after it there is a difference in versions.

13.06.11, 12:05

Is your device not supported? Post here!

could you please add the Sony Ericsson W300i
screen resolution 128x160