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17.04.11, 16:25

Vote of Thanks to Zedge Team

Thanks ZEDGE!

Thanks a lot Bro!

We Love ZEDGE!

29.01.11, 17:13

What is your favorite song now??

Didiulya - Grom

10.01.11, 09:14

Deep condolenses to dear yogi...

14.06.10, 10:57

who's winnin world cup 2010


14.06.10, 10:55

What Are You Listening To, Right Now?

17.08.09, 05:47

NEW! My Account Home

Quote of user: tagman

Dear Zedgers,

My Account Home has been a bad chapter for a long time so I'm happy to say that we've done some updates to it. Don't say that you miss the old one.. Have a look

Let us know if you see any bugs or if you think something is missing.


Excellent Job

but i need your help or advice!

pls. can you visit my profile?

i dont understood why there just 6 themes visible und 2 unvisible!