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25 November, 2013

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Hi my name is john im 28 bday is august 8th I also have a son whos 7 who lives with me I just recently moved back from pa to Ohio to get back on my feet I live with my dad atm but trying to fine a ltr and someone who is worth my time who ain't a cheater a liar a user or is series and who would do anything to have something real love is based on sacrifice im fun and im a great guy I dont have a car atm it got junked engine blew

i am also on medical relive due to bad right leg and dizzy spells so i have time to fine my perfect sweetheart so please come forth ty

My favorite movies are the fast and furious movies I love horror movies also fun to cuddle with a girl during a horror movie
Music rap country and Christian rock food pizza and the hottest wings u can though at me sport NASCAR Dale Earnhardt family WWE bill Goldberg Batista college football Ohio state buckeyes also like pool and darts animal sharks I collect NASCAR items and chef items. What I am looking for in a girl is non cheating, non players, non users, I also am a person who dont see the idea of putting others before a relationship a relationship is supposed to be about the person ur with not other guys or girls with u for me thats called a relationship yes its the way I feel morals to certain standards is sacrifice and do anything for true love yes I smoke but no drugs I dont do those things not my thing I smoke Sonoma light 100s drink maybe once a month fav drink Budweiser fav reg drink Pepsi, tea and Gatorade , candle scent pumpkin spice and vanilla plus I got 5 boxes of candle holders.. Fav cologne is thommy Hilfiger fav shower stuff is axe or old spice

I also love romance I am very romantic I have a candle in every room on top of white lights and candles in the bathroom I love romance I love making a girl happy and I see some girls would rather have d***s instead of a decent guy and to me its kinda unfair and sad I also been cooking since I was 13 I have a website were I post my own recipes I placed 1st place in a lasagna and pizza contest and 2nd in a chili contest so I love candle light I also have over 1000 DVDs ranging from kids to horror meaning action romance comedys u get the hint lol and still going plus I have 375 vhs and still going I collect from anything but western cs most girls I know dont like western so I actually collect what I can and to make sure there pleased for a romantic night and the girl can pick whatever she wants i also have a website were i post my own poems
And I have really very strong morals I belive in to make love so perfect


Favorite activities

photo shop racing games and fps games

Favorite music

rap country christian

Favorite movies

all the fast and furious and horror

Favorite TV-shows

haven westerns walker texas ranger wwe nascar

Favorite books


Favorite games

extreme velocity 3d(referal nascarfan88) combat arms solider front 2 and wolf team


superman, my grandpa


cheaters liers players and ingorant people


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    Papilo91 - 5 December, 2014 00:05
    ♛ Sorry folks, I do not celebrate Christmas XD ♛
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    SPNKRAZE - 15 October, 2014 12:55
    My attitude is based on how you treat me...
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    su09281979 - 9 September, 2014 11:08
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    ___Alee___ - 8 September, 2014 14:44
    KinG of Zed ✔
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    _StyLish_Boy_ - 8 September, 2014 03:25
    ¤BreaK thE rUleS eNJOy tHE LifE ¤

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