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26.06.12, 01:09

Where to download.

What about games..??

18.06.12, 21:48

Where to download.

Okay.. to bad..

16.06.12, 01:42

Where to download.

Oke thanks fr you know a site where I can make some..??

15.06.12, 00:36

Where to download.

Yep it supports themes I think, otherwise it wouldn't have that stupid blue one...

12.06.12, 23:12

Where to download.

I want to download some new themes for my Sony Ericsson txt (CK13i) but I can't download them anywhere..!! Do you have some tips to where I can find or maybe make some themes for my phone..?? because I'm starting to get sick from the blue color that I have to see every day I use my phone..