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11.06.13, 06:54

Embedding music,videos and more

11.06.13, 06:54

Embedding music,videos and more

how to make the song autoplay???

26.04.13, 13:04

Happy Birthday Rupali

I wished her ystrdy nyt only.. .. Even den.. Happy b'day..

17.04.13, 07:48

How are you today?

Nt dat gud.. Hav exams tomorrow..

17.04.13, 07:47

who is your favorite actor/actress?

All of d khans..

05.08.12, 05:19

kristen stewart in twilight or runaway?

i havnt seen runaway so... twilight..

05.08.12, 05:16

robinho vs messi

Lionel Messi

04.08.12, 01:17

Who's your favorite female singer?

Chrisrina Perri. for a thousand yrs..

02.08.12, 16:08

Who is your favourite singer now?

Christina Perri... rocks for "a thousand yrs"...

07.07.12, 17:38

Shah ruk khan vs tom coruse

well people say dat tom cruise is hollywood's srk.. n srk is bollywood's tom cruise....