In a Relationship
Nokia 6700 classic
19 October, 2013


Favorite activities

Killing, listening to music, destroying, drawing, taking photos, ruining things, playing on peoples nerves, going insane, killing my laptop with games

Favorite music

Death, viking, celtic, pagan, melodic death/black, melodic death, industrial, industrial/black metal

Favorite movies

Most horror, sci-fi, fantasy movies

Favorite TV-shows

I dont waste my time by watching tv

Favorite books

Stephen king books, dark fantasy, sci-fi, horror

Favorite games

Mass Effect, Borderlands, The Witcher, Dragon Age Origins, Mirror's Edge


Stephen king, fred durst, wes borland, gottfried helnwein


Pop culture in general, summer and sun

27 March 2014, 16:36
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Gaby!
6 March 2014, 22:25
Fair enough :p
6 March 2014, 08:52
Why am i the only one who writes on your guestbook
6 March 2014, 08:51
4 March 2014, 14:59
Possible equals true

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    ShepardPL - 16 October, 2014 17:18
    You are just a sad song...
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    dvbxpro2014 - 25 August, 2014 16:26
    Love all, trust a few ...
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    emadbarka - 22 August, 2014 03:02
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    Rare_Man - 10 August, 2014 11:05
    Everything and its reverse ..
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    Jimmy_is_Valid - 5 August, 2014 17:31
    Baboney amar Babobey :-)
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    Baazy - 27 July, 2014 19:22
    Aye hey Less complaining, More training ;)
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    heart_hunter25 - 27 July, 2014 07:35

Melancholy of wind
Melancholic lullaby of wind,
And snowflakes are dancing to it,
Fast primeval ritual.

Frozen darkness around,
Silence and emptiness.
Everything is dead.

Cry of snow under numb feet,
Blood in blind eyes.
Nefarious prayer leaves wizen lips.

This is our dying world I hold in my hands
Rotten from inside, putrid from outside.
This is what we are dying for.

Darkness and emptiness, insanity among the sane.
They are falling into pit of affliction.
I am the one with them.

Im falling, im falling down.
Lost and empty, broken and mended.
Im falling into silence of sanity.

Listen to lullaby,
Melancholical scream of wind.
An outcry of despair.

Im gone with first sunrise and dead with first moonlight.
Lonely, fallen, lost and hidden under my skin.
From ashes to worm, from worm to ashes.

Winter... Sacrifice of life through ceremony of cold.
I wish to be defunct,
I wish I had a malfunction of reason.

To get lost inside demise,
To drown in silence
And decease in obscurity...

Melancholic lullaby of wind,
And snowflakes are dancing to it,
Fast primeval ritual.

I'm walking away,
To silence of my grave.
I'm walking away,
To end this game.
To perish with first snow,
To revive with fate.

I welcome cold winter inside my heart, inside my tomb.
With sun I die, with moon i live,
Until it's gone, forever I dwell...

Autumn prelude
Im walking trough city.
Alone, forgotten and lonely.
Streets are hollow and empty.
Autumn. Rotten leafs and north wind.

As wind gets wilder dark leafs starts dancing.
Slowly gloomy rain falls down on pavement,
Sound of raindrops and heavy footsteps
Creates dull music of loneliness.

Empty. Too many thoughts in my head,
But a single fading wish.
To forget the past, to delete all those memories...
Light is fading away, it's getting cold.

Soon it will snow, snow flakes will bury the earth.
Pure and white but deadly and sinner.
I'll keep wandering in here,
I'll keep watching slow dance of immortality.

Sweet winter. Time of death and dead .
Awaited and loved by those who have fallen.
Ahhhh... This agony...
Im lost and falling... Falling to darkness...

One thought in my mind: to die.
To die and end it all...
I sense happiness dancing on my grave,
I feel relief and joy spitting on my dead body.

I walk further and further,
I walk away from my grave.
Wind gets stronger, it messes my hair,
Rain keeps falling to the ground.

Graves... Dead bodies... Death...
It's all around me.
I'll keep fighting, I'll keep struggling,
Just let me die with last snowflake,
Just let me die in winter before the sun rises.

Autumn. My footsteps echoes in rain
As I keep walking in hollow street...