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Puerto Rico
5 February, 2014


And as the cold breeze, accompanied by light drizzles, blew into her cheeks, she remembered that day on that non-familiar street.

It was, like any other day when fate brings them together, raining. She didn't like travelling in the rain. It makes her feet wet. And she doesn't like wet feet because it feels dirty. But she happily strode the busy metro streets to get to their meeting place on time. She feels that same feeling, the gushing emotions that seems to pour out of nowhere all at the same time. She was tensed, happy, excited, scared, eager and anxious. Her hands were sweaty, her breaths were heavy. And as she half ran half walked her way to that certain spot, the drizzles kissed her cheeks, just like now.

She held his hand and her grip tightned everytime they get to pass some crowd. She doesn't want to let it go. And so she knoted her fingers... and smiled.

And just like any other commuters, they sat steadily on the seat, his eyes closed, elbows on his knees. He was tired but he seemed calm. And she? What could any other girl, head over heels in love with the man that makes her day complete, do in a situation like this? She stared, and stared, and smiled. Her arm was intertwined with his while he seldom touch it. It was enough. The feel of his palm on her skin was enough. The simple re-assurance of his gentle rubbing on her skin was enough. The look on his eyes and the smile on his lips when he opened it after she told him that it's time to go down was enough. It was enough to say that she really was in love. And she really was happy. And that for that very certain moment, he was hers and she was his.

Masakit tamaan ng pag-ibig na hindi kailanman mapapasayo..
Pero mas masakit ‘yung tamaan ng kanto ng mesa ang pekpek mo.


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    ((اللَّهم أعني على ذكرك))
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    i cant if yOu dOnt
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