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26 May, 2012

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It was a cold winter day.She was ,again, in detention after classes because she had been skipping some of the classed she didnt find interesting, such as English, Maths and Geography.Well, the teachers didnt really agree with her so they decided she needed detention. Again? the headmaster had said.Ok,if it must, miss Maple ( English teacher), but a think shes a good kid. So,as i was saying, she was in detention.Her name was Allegra, she was 1.80 m tall,slim and had a very long, wavy black hair and deep blue eyes.Allegra was only 18.She was a mysterious girl, but didnt have too many secrets.Her uncle and aunt,her only relatives, were working abroad, so she was sharing a flat with her best friend, Sya.Sya was 3 years older than Allegra.She had long blond hair and peaceful green eyes and she was about 1.85 m. They were closer than sisters and they both shared a terrible secret : they were both vampire slayers.Allegras parents had died in a vampire fight 10 year ago, but she was saved by a merciful vampire who left her on the footsteps of a castle where vampire slayers were trained.The owner of the castle took pity on her and raised her as a vampire slayer.She was one of the best, which made Dorian, the father of The Dorian Slayes, to encourage her to find her origins and fight only for good causes. Now detention was over, after 2 hours after she had set in darkness, all alone suposingly thinking of what she had done. She was the last to leave the highshool grounds, as usually.On the ground there was pure white snow and she decided to spend a little time there.She didnt feel like going home where she would find Sya worried sick about her...Her thoughts were interrupted by a shadow moving along one of the highschool walls.Her trained eyes were able to see the slightest move and she could almost hear the shadow breathing. I have been waiting for this for a long time, the shadow whispered. Oh yeah? the girl asked sarcasticaly and put her hands in her back pockets from where she withdraw 2 shiny knives with blood red blades.She kept them hidden behind her back. And what exactly do you want from me? she asked.This was a stupid question to ask, he probably wanted food, she though.Suddently, she saw the shadow disappearing.She felt it get closer to her and the next thing she knew was that she had fallen , the vampire was on top of her and she had crossed te 2 knives in front of the vampires neck. Move and youll die she threatened him. I am going to die anyway so please make it quick he almost begged her.She then realised that one of his arms was bleeding.She put the knives down and she said I will not kill you. Why not? he asked. I thought you were a vampire slayer. And he rolled off her and fell on the cold snow which turned red from his bleeding. Thats why you came here tonight? To kill yourself by threatening a vampire slayer? Well, more or less he answered and released a big gasp. Common she said and helped him up his feet.I have a cure for that cut she said and took him to the doctors chamber in the highschool.She made him stay on a bed although at the beginning he refused.Now, off with the shirt! she ordered. Because of the pain he obeyed and she could see how beautiful he was.He was taller than her,had shoulder-lenght blonde hair and the same deep blue eyes she had.He had a six-pack and his left shoulder was bleeding heavily. God d**n it you messed with vampire slayers too much she said. Why on Earth would you think that? You have a piece of a slayers blade in your shoulder.Thats why it hurts and bleeds that bad.I will have to get it out and it will hurt like crap.Are you ready? He nodded.She took out a small knife she usually used to open cans and slowly took out the piece of metal out of his shoulder.All of this time he hold thight to her waist in order to not to feel th pain so badly.She felt good in his arms, she felt protected...She cleaned the wound gently and then she took out one of her slayer knife. Now youre going to kill me? he asked sort of panicked still not letting go of her waist. Hush she whispered and then made a long cut in the back of her hand.He could feel her tremble with pain and then he saw that she was crying.She put some of her blood and one of her tears on his wound which healed instantly.He looked in her eyes extremely grateful.But although he didnt have the wound he felt weackened by the loss of blood.Then she moved her hair gently leaving her neck bare. Now drink she said amd closed her eyes But please dont kill me.Please, I want to live. You trust me? he asked in suprise but then added slowly in a whisper I would never hurt such a perfect creature such as yourself.

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