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19.11.11, 22:50

unable to upload

There you's something that the Admins of this site have updated. It's kinda intermittent at the moment, but still, I don't like to wait that long just to update something on my profile.

19.11.11, 06:09

unable to upload

Ever since they updated their website, most of us are unable to upload to it...WatDaFluc!!!!!!! Whoever are the Admins for this site, please get this issue resolved

18.01.10, 10:25

Zedge is being unfair again!!!!!!

Again, Zedge Admin/Bots are being so unfair sending my ringtones to my Private folder!!! This is the message that your Admins had sent me:

Dear Member of the Zedge Community:

It has come to our attention that material you posted to the Zedge community may possibly be the intellectual property of others. In order to protect you and the Zedge community from any possible legal claims, Zedge has removed the ability to share the listed file(s) with the Zedge community. However, the file(s) can still be accessed by you in your private files folder.

Ringtone : Queen Of Mars

Thank you!

The Zedge Team

This is; in my opinion is a bunch of BS!!! Why send only my ringtone to my private folder and not the others which are located here:

The link provided above proves that other Zedge members are violating YOUR RULES!!!!
I think it is only fair that you do the same to the other members' ringtones and not only me!!!!!!

My point is that I know that my ringtones violates Zedge rules, but use your common sense here Admins...if you gonna send my ringtones to my private folder, do some searches that are similar to my tags and if there are any matches, send those other member ringtones to their private folders.

09.11.09, 22:46

about the private ringtone

No update

04.11.09, 17:29

about the private ringtone

Sorry to have bring this topic back from the dead, but again it seems like I've been singled out from either your Zedge "bots" or "admins" regarding my ringtone selection. Again, I just want to let you (Zedge) know that there are other users with the same or even similar ringtones I've uploaded and only my ringtones are being selected as "inappropriate" for this site. Why don't you guys just flag everyone's files as inappropriate? I say that about 95%-98% of the files I've seen on this site are considered violating all/part of Zedge's "Terms & Conditions"...I know that I'm flaming about this topic, but I've worked so hard during the midnight hours (my only spare time from everything) to create those ringtones for everyone to enjoy as well as build my status in this community, but if I'm being treated like this, then there is no point for me to make any more for this community...Like Dwayne Johnson "aka" The Rock said in his SNL clip...,"ALOHA HARD!!!"

16.10.09, 21:03

about the private ringtone

Mahalos for clearing that up a bit. I used to help run a ringtone website a long time ago when MP3 ringtones were in their "pilot" stage and I've been doing some custom ringtones for my friends and family from time to time, but I'm glad that I've stumbled onto this's good to be active again...Alohas for now.

16.10.09, 19:38

about the private ringtone

I've already read that, and that is not the point I'm trying to explain here...I'm asking "WHY ME" and not the other members with the same item as me?

16.10.09, 01:04

about the private ringtone

Just want to give a shout out here in the Zedge Forums...just recently joined here and uploaded a bunch of ringtones and 2 of them got moved to my private folders due to copyright infringements...I'm just curious to why these songs were moved and not other members with the same/similar song? If feels like I was "singled" out here