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14.08.14, 17:43

What would you change on Zedge

Get rid of Auto-Reply messages and hire people that can answer questions from users.. that would be a good start.

22.02.08, 13:40

Is the new Flag of Kosovo Copyrighted?

I dont think that anyone asked for your political Opinion, but if you must know:

That´s for the Geographic Lesson.

PS: That´s it i´ve had mine, so if someone could just close this Thread that would be great.

22.02.08, 12:19

Is the new Flag of Kosovo Copyrighted?

Thx to the Admins and Mods. No one answered my question....

20.02.08, 13:16

Is the new Flag of Kosovo Copyrighted?

I uploaded 2 days a go a Theme with the new Flag of Kosovo for the N40 Series. The Flag has been released before the Independence Day a Week maybe or earlier. So i think that non of these Terms have been broken.

Copyrighted material - Are all Flags in the World Coyrighted ?

Incorrect naming/tagging - The Name Flag of Kosovo NEW was correctly written.

Personal items - What are Personal Items ?

Incorrect screen shots - I always see when i upload an Theme what it looks like.

I would just like to hear a simple and logical reason why has my Upload been deleted.

PS: I have read the "why was my upload deleted" Thread and it didnt explained the Problem.