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Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4
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3 July, 2005




Favorite activities

Being a nice guy (if you believe that) chat with people who pretend to be my friends :) decline requests from strangers and many many more :)

Favorite music

(rock,rapp,house,other) linkin park limp bizkit avenged sevenfold eminem,50cent,etc

Favorite movies

Hangover,fastfive,rush hour 3,tron legacy,avengers,django,iron man,thor

Favorite TV-shows

Rides,p|mp my ride,top gear,house m.d,supernatural,the big bang theory,the walking dead,family guy,fast n loud,storage wars

Favorite books

Let's be real,you really give a sh|t about what i read?

Favorite games

Nfs,gta iv,crysis 3,dead space 2,mafia 2,hitman absolution


I got promoted to HERO,for more info check Chupa;s profile! :)) and leave the nice lady a NICE comment while you at it :)


Police stations,getting a flat,my neighbour's dog and most important > idiots

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    _MaruskA_ - 25 October, 2014 15:07
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    Deea333 - 6 October, 2014 16:04
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    _TearDrop_ - 3 October, 2014 17:13
    ♥ YOU came along and made MY life a LOVE SONG ♥
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    Kingucica - 2 October, 2014 13:03
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    ehrenpreis - 2 October, 2014 12:41
    Enjoy The Silence
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    Chupa_ - 2 October, 2014 06:10
    Слава Україні!
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    realsolidnake - 12 August, 2014 10:50
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    Ezra_Elijah - 11 July, 2014 09:50
    I was falling in love but accidentally fell ON it, it died:D
6 hours ago
Cause she is totally cool

What's new with you?
3 October 2014, 17:22
My award for what a good employer you may be dont worry,this can not happen two times and when i see you,im gonna ask you all money back for that yammy cake

yesterday ive been worked extra 4 hours more,so from 8 h i end up working 12 and got back home with two heads in stade of one now im planning to have a lovely and lazy weekend,dont wanna hear that phone alarm again tomorrow morning and i promise to myself to sleep till 10,thats in case my neighbourns wont decide to make a party or break the walls as they love to do latelly Hope you have a nice weekend Alex, the busy bee.Take good care of urself and dont forget to buy some food,i may stop to check what are you doing one of this days no,no im not telling you when its a SURPRISE
2 October 2014, 13:05
but how could i reply to something that i never got?
ur last message to me was when u said u were so bored u started watching drop dead diva. and i clearly remember i asked u "you watch what now?" bcuz i was amazed
but after that i never got an answer soooo.....
2 October 2014, 12:43
Hair, ceilings, second floor, roof, sky and whole universe with satellites and other sh|t passing by.

Yup, I should work. But I am having a tea break right now. How are you?
2 October 2014, 12:25
Good day.
I am fine. Thanks.

Have a nice evening.

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