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3 July, 2005




Favorite activities

Being a nice guy (if you believe that) chat with people who pretend to be my friends :) decline requests from strangers and many many more :)

Favorite music

(rock,rapp,house,other) linkin park limp bizkit avenged sevenfold eminem,50cent,etc

Favorite movies

Hangover,fastfive,rush hour 3,tron legacy,avengers,django,iron man,thor

Favorite TV-shows

Rides,p|mp my ride,top gear,house m.d,supernatural,the big bang theory,the walking dead,family guy,fast n loud,storage wars

Favorite books

Let's be real,you really give a sh|t about what i read?

Favorite games

Nfs,gta iv,crysis 3,dead space 2,mafia 2,hitman absolution


I got promoted to HERO,for more info check Chupa;s profile! :)) and leave the nice lady a NICE comment while you at it :)


Police stations,getting a flat,my neighbour's dog and most important > idiots

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    _MaruskA_ - 18 July, 2014 22:05
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    _TearDrop_ - 17 July, 2014 19:39
    ♥ In a sea of people,MY EYES will always search FOR YOU ♥
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    Chupa_ - 15 July, 2014 07:12
    Слава Україні!
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    Ezra_Elijah - 11 July, 2014 09:50
    I was falling in love but accidentally fell ON it, it died:D
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    Kingucica - 25 May, 2014 15:28
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    paintbOx - 24 May, 2014 08:40
    i cant if yOu dOnt
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    QEKTVFHN - 23 May, 2014 16:19
    Bodybuilder 7
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    realsolidnake - 15 May, 2014 16:09
18 July 2014, 22:10
Yup, 70 should go from 2nd til 6th of August for a bicycle trip for 340 km can't wait

I've drank some Japanese beer today. It's lager but was okay I'm more into dark ones

Potato, mate
17 July 2014, 19:47
prison d**n you just guess well my biggest secret you should had not talk in public about that but if you did, ok..the story is like that ive been kidnapped by few pirates they throw me in a jail and i manage to escape from there after ive made d***k one of them ive steal the freedom key and here am i
Thats your nitte nitte story,sorry but i had to create a happy ending the world is to much full with bad things and people
You are still crazy as i did first know you im expected at anything from your side, but i love and appreciate your sense of humor thanks God i dont have to face it daily you tease me enough from time to time
Anywhy just pop in to say hello and let you a hug it may help you stay warm when you are alone in the forest hunting rabbits,with no food and beer just send a sos or something,ill send FBI to look after u

Enjoy ur day dear friend stop complaining about my friends cant make nothing to change them
15 July 2014, 07:13
the problem is, i don't want to pack and move
maybe it is hard for you to understand, but i dun really care
that is me, accept it, deal with it or find yourself another crazy internet friend
12 July 2014, 21:10
who said i got married and when that happened,i felt like i was sleepy and just woke up...Are you sure are you talking about me D**n,you can easily say what you like,if its something like beep beep,they will hide it they hide even the good words
Anywhy im ok about 2 or 3 cars getting as gifts im building a private car park,pls be carefull that all of it to be jeeps or sport new cars lets not make that your money to be waist it in vain
About the bday party consider yourself invited..look,ive got your invitationHappy now????

See you soon.Its still a lots of time till august when you go on killing rabbits so on 21th do eat as much as you can Enjoy ur weekend dear Alex,be lazy and snore a lot
12 July 2014, 15:21
yes, glory to Ukraine problem?

i was sleeping again?

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