5 October 2011, 07:40
ohhhhhhhh...........ur one of the fans of cloud strife!
11 September 2011, 05:38
hi, how are you?

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12 July 2011, 11:09
thanks for the comments bro..........
17 May 2011, 07:31
hey brother u seems to be very honest.u can use my content for making nokia themes.but dont reupload my sony ericsson themes.plzzz and btw thanks for linking my themes.hope u'll make some wonderfull themes for zedgers...cheers,...
2 May 2011, 10:20
Hey nice profile.

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29 April 2011, 17:19
19 March 2011, 18:22
thanks for commenting bro...
19 March 2011, 09:03
4 March 2011, 15:18
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